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For Christmas 2002, I got a new state-of-the-art Hyundai DVD player. It came with 50 films from Prism Leisure, worldwide distributers of DTV ‘classics’.

You know what I mean: Roger Corman films, exploitation movies, badly-dubbed martial arts flicks and, the most curious of all, the misleading boxes. These featured a recent photo of a big star. If said star appeared more than fleetingly in the movie, then it was certainly a long, long time before the cover photo was taken.

Here are all 50, with an indication of the ‘star’ featured on the cover art:

So, the self-imposed challenge was to watch all 50 films and review them within one year.

That sounds easier than it was. Some of the films were half-decent, some were passable, but most—like Bram Stoker’s Legend of the Mummy 2—were really hard-going.

Over that first year, I managed to watch 18 all the way through and to review 12. And I promise you, I lost a lot more than 30 hours of my life. There were others which I tried to watch and just couldn’t put myself through it (Cyborg 3, for example). I also gave the martial arts DVD away to a better home, so bye, bye Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan.

I then started doing other reviews of movies which were not related to Michael Caine and stuck them here as well. Then I promptly did nothing with the site for 15 years.

So, these are some reviews of mostly twentieth-century films from mostly 15+ years ago, and there’s no real reason for me to have preserved them, other than some are linked from other places on the internet.